Restylane vs Juvederm

At Mount Road Dental near Kingston, we offer two of the world’s leading and most popular dermal filler brands. Whether you’re looking to reverse the signs of ageing or transform your appearance for a fuller, softer, and healthier-looking effect, you’ve come to the right place.

Before you come for your consultation at our Chessington practice, you may be wondering which is the right choice for you. That’s why we’ve prepared the facts to help you decide: Restylane vs Juvéderm.

Restylane vs Juvéderm – The science behind beautiful skin

A common worry of those considering cosmetic treatment is that they are concerned about putting chemicals in their body. The great thing about Juvéderm and Restylane is that they are both made up of a naturally-occurring sugar-chain molecule called hyaluronic acid.

This is the secret ingredient which what makes facial fillers so effective – it has incredible hydrating powers. Our bodies naturally make hyaluronic acid to maintain moisture levels in the skin. It’s also the secret molecule responsible for making babies’ skin so soft.

Around the age of 26, however, hyaluronic acid production levels in the body greatly slow down; resulting in the typical signs of ageing such as wrinkles, lines, and a generally lack-lustre complexion as we age.

Juvéderm injections fillers don’t only place more of this incredible chemical in the skin, it also encourages production – giving you softer, firmer, and flawless looking skin.

Another common side effect of ageing is that your features can start to look sunken in. This is when either Juvéderm or Restylane dermal filler gel can be placed beneath the skin to plump out the features; creating full, youthful, and natural-looking contours to greatly enhance your natural beauty.

All of the dermal fillers we offer contain this key ingredient. And, since it occurs naturally in your body, your fillers simply break down on their own over time without any effect on your body.

Regardless of the filler you choose here at our Chessington practice, you can rest assured that your skin will look and feel softer, firmer, and healthier thanks to their hyaluronic acid base.


0.5ml syringe from £195
1ml syringe from £280

Restylane vs Juvéderm – Versatility

When asking about Restylane vs Juvéderm, you may be wondering about which is more suitable for you personally. Both Juvéderm and Restylane are ideal for men and women looking to revitalise their appearance and combat the signs of ageing.

These products are popular among younger women wanting plump, fuller lips, as well as by men and women looking to remove small lines and wrinkles around the mouth and eyes.

They can both be used to treat a wide range of cosmetic issues very effectively and to enhance your appearance in a number of ways. However, the two products can differ when it comes to the exact effect you’re hoping to achieve.

For example, if you were thinking of having cheek fillers to enhance your cheekbones and facial contours, Restylane typically stays in place once injected meaning your practitioner gently moulds it into the desired shape once there. That gives you greater freedom when it comes to designing your final look, meaning Restylane may be the better choice for you. It is also better for thicker skin.

Juvéderm, on the other hand, is renowned for its smooth texture, making it perfect for removing very small lines and wrinkles. This makes it perfect for thinner skin. When you come in for your consultation at Mount Road near Kingston, your Chessington aesthetics practitioner will be able to advise you on the best product to suit your individual needs.

Restylane vs Juvéderm – Treatment and recovery time

The dermal filler treatment process will be very similar regardless of the product you choose. Of course, this will also depend on whether you choose to have face, cheek or lip injections.

With both Restylane and Juvéderm, you can expect your procedure to be completed within thirty minutes to an hour – depending on the number of syringes – with virtually no downtime following the treatment.

That means you can just carry on with your day as usual, with none of the pain or scarring associated with surgical means of facial rejuvenation.

An important point to make in the Restylane vs Juvéderm debate is that Juvéderm tends to cause less puffiness and swelling that Restylane for the first few days after treatment. So, if you have big plans in the next week following your appointment, it may be best to opt for Juvéderm.

Restylane vs Juvéderm – Results

As with any cosmetic procedure, the results of your dermal filler treatment can vary.

Everyone’s skin is different but, in most cases with either treatment, you can expect your fillers to last between 6-18 months before requiring a top-up.

Both companies continue to develop stronger and longer-lasting formulas all the time, however, Juvéderm does contain 35% more hyaluronic acid than Restylane. This is absorbed by the skin, encouraging more natural hyaluronic acid production over time. That means the effect on your skin’s vitality could last much longer even once the filler has dissolved.

Restylane vs Juvéderm – Cost

The price of your dermal fillers procedure will all depend on the type of filler you are having and the number of syringes you require.

However, when it comes to Restylane vs Juvéderm, price need not come into the equation, except for lip fillers.

At our practice in Chessington near Kingston, our prices for both Restylane and Juvéderm treatments are as follows:

  • Face fillers – from £280 for a 1ml dermal filler syringe
  • Lip fillers – Restylane lip fillers from £280 for a 1ml syringe and Juvederm lip fillers from £295 for a 1ml syringe and £195 for 0.5 ml syringe
  • Cheek fillers – £295 for a 1ml syringe

Restylane vs Juvéderm – Which should you choose?

As you can see, there is really no single answer for whether Restylane vs Juvéderm is better as it all depends on the results you’re wanting to see.

To find out more about which dermal filler will work best for you, book your consultation with our facial aesthetic experts at Mount Road in Chessington today. They’ll be able to assess your case and give their professional recommendation.

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