Private Dental Fees at Mount Road Dental in Chessington

To help make our treatments as affordable as possible, we ensure our prices remain extremely competitive when compared to other expert dentists in Chessington, Surrey.

All of our dentists and hygienists are registered with the General Dental Council (GDC) and our clinic is registered and monitored by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) so you can rest assured you are in safe hands here at Mount Road.

Registration & check ups

Treatment Cost
New Patient Exam £65
Routine Check Up £55
Child exam (up to 12 years old) £35
Child exam (12 - 17 years old) £38
X-rays £14 each
Simple scale and polish with Dentist £90

Dental Hygiene Treatments

Treatment Cost
Hygienist Maintenance - Monday to Friday, between 9am to 5pm £73
Hygienist Maintenance - after 5pm and Saturdays £78
Ultraclean scale and polish - estimated time 40 mins £110
Orthodontic Scale and Polish - Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm £73
Orthodontic Scale and Polish - after 5pm and Saturdays £78
Children’s Scale and Polish (11yrs & Under) Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm £48
Children’s Scale and Polish (11yrs & Under) after 5pm and Saturdays £55
Dental Implant Maintenance From £85
Periodontal Treatment From £85
Direct Access £115


Treatment Cost
Simple from £110 - £250
Surgical from £250

Emergency treatment

Treatment Cost
Registered Appointment from £55
Non-Registered Emergency from £75
Re-Cement Crown from £60
Re-Cement Bridge from £70 per unit
Dry Socket from £45


Treatment Cost
Amalgam (Metal) from £110
White Fillings (Small) from £80
White Fillings (Moderate) from £155
White Fillings (Large) from £180
Additional lining £80
Temporary filling from £40

Crowns, Inlays, Veneers

Treatment Cost
Full Gold Crown from £750
Porcelain Bonded to Metal Crown from £620
All Ceramic E-max Crown from £695
All Ceramic Zirconia Reinforced Crown from £695
Post/Core from £95
Gold Inlays from £690
Porcelain/Composite Inlays from £650
Simple Veneers from £720
Direct Composite Veneer PT from £250
In-Direct Composite Veneer PT from £350
Veneers/Crowns + Wax-Up PU from £720 per unit

Dental Implants

Treatment Cost
Dental Implants from £1,450
Dental Implant Crown from £950
Sinus Lift for Dental Implants from £800
Bone Graft for Dental Implants from £500


Treatment Cost
Maryland Bridges from £600
Fixed Per Unit from £400
Fixed Zirconia Per Unit from £550

Root Canal Treatment

Treatment Cost
Incisor from £280
Premolar from £380
Molar from £480
Re-RCT add to the above £140 - £160


Treatment Cost
Partial Acrylic from £395 each
Complete from £700 each
Complete Chrome from £850 each
Flexible from £550
Additions - Tooth from £80
Additions - Reline £95

Teeth Whitening

Treatment Cost
Home Whitening £350
Inside/Outside – Non-Vital Whitening £450
In-Surgery Combination from £600
BlancOne Click (Plus the dental hygiene fee £73/£78) Apts are combined) £100
BlancOne Touch £290

Teeth Straightening

Treatment Cost
Dual Arch Invisalign: Lite from £3,250
Dual Arch Invisalign: Moderate from £3,750
Dual Arch Invisalign: Complex from £4,250
Six Month Smiles / Clear Braces from £2,000
Lingual Braces from £3,000
Fixed Retainers from £125
Single Removable Retainer from £125
Six Removable Retainers £550


Treatment Cost
Soft Night Guard from £110
NTI Splint from £250

Facial Aesthetics

Treatment Cost
Free Consultations
Treatment for lines & wrinkles 1 Area £165
Treatment for lines & wrinkles 2 Areas £225
Treatment for lines & wrinkles 3 Areas £275
Excessive sweating - armpits £450
Excessive sweating - hands £450
Excessive sweating - feet £550
Neck Lift £295
Treatment for TMJ £315
Dermal & Lip Fillers 1ml syringe from £290
Restylane fillers 1ml syringe £290
Juvederm fillers 1ml syringe/0.5 ml £310/£215
Profhilo treatment per session £300
* New * Profhilo body treatment per session £340
Viscoderm £300

0% Credit - Spread the cost of your payments

To help make the cost of your treatment more affordable, you can spread the cost of your dental or facial aesthetics treatment with 0% finance (subject to credit application), available for any treatment over £350.

Paying off your treatment over 12 months or less, you simply repay the loan amount and nothing else.

0% finance is just that – you pay no interest.

Tabeo Finance

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