Teeth Whitening in Chessington, Surrey

If you're looking for an expert teeth whitening near you in Surrey, our friendly and 5* rated Chessington dentists will get you stunning long lasting results at a great price.

Our teeth whitening team includes our highly experienced dentist Dr. Dipen Patel, who has over 17 years of extensive dentistry experience in offering highly effective at home and 'in-chair' whitening treatments.

teeth whitening near me

Choose us for teeth whitening and benefit from:

  • 130+ 5* Google patient reviews
  • Competitive prices from £100
  • Different options to suit your needs
  • Safe and effective professional treatment
  • Friendly and highly experienced dental team
  • Proud to be the highest Google rated dentist in Chessington
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Teeth whitening prices near me

To help make this treatment as affordable as possible, we ensure our prices remain extremely competitive when compared to other teeth whitening dentists near us in Chessington, Surrey.

Treatment Cost
Home Whitening £350
Inside/Outside – Non-Vital Whitening £450
In-Surgery Combination from £600
BlancOne Click (Plus the dental hygiene fee £73/£78) Apts are combined) £100
BlancOne Touch £290

Teeth whitening pay monthly 0% finance

To help make your teeth whitening more affordable, you can spread the cost of your whitening treatment with 12 months 0% credit.

Our highly experienced teeth whitening team

Our whitening team is led by our practice owner and highly experienced dental surgeon, Dr. Patel, who has over 18 years dentistry experience.

His teeth whitening treatments have helped improve the smiles and confidence for thousands of patients across Chessington, Sevenoaks, Kent and Surrey.

Teeth whitening can significantly lighten the colour of your teeth

Teeth whitening is a simple, safe and highly effective way to brighten up your smile. It does not remove any natural tooth material.

Whitening only works on natural teeth and won’t change the colour of existing crowns, fillings, dental implants, veneers, bridges or denture teeth. These may need to be replaced to match the new colour of the natural teeth.

Our professional teeth whitening services:

1) Take home whitening kits

Great and flexible solution for anyone who wants to get their teeth whitened from the comfort of their own home. How does it work?

You will place the tooth whitening gel prescribed by our dentist in a custom made tray that fits over the teeth like a very thin gum shield. You will then wear the tray containing the gel for a period of 1-2 hours a day for 14-28 days (depending on how white you want your teeth).

This treatment involves 2-3 visits:

  • Visit 1 – We take impressions of your teeth and gums to create a quality bespoke tooth whitening tray(s) to fit around your teeth
  • Visit 2 – We fit the custom fit tray(s), take photos and check your shade before treatment. We also give you the gel and share specific instructions on the do’s and dont's.
  • Visit 3 – We usually review your teeth 2-4 weeks later to check your new shade.

2) In surgery teeth whitening

Great option for patients who expect instant results.

Chair side tooth whitening involves the dentist applying whitening gel directly to your teeth. Next, the gel is activated by a special light. "In surgery" whitening is usually carried out in one or two visits that last 60-90 mins each. We recommend supplementing this treatment with the home kit to give the best results.

Some patients may experience sensitivity from hot and cold drinks after treatment. If you are considering teeth whitening, please ask your dentist for further information about risks, benefits and suitability.

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