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Looking for affordable and expert tear trough fillers near you in Surrey? Our 5* clinic offers a free consultation and fantastic results at great prices.

Our under the eye fillers team is led by our highly experienced dentist Dr. Dipen Patel (GDC No: 103883) who has over 16 years of experience in dentistry. With over 9 years facial aesthetics experience, Dr. Patel has improved the appearance and confidence for over 500 filler patients from across Surrey.

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Expert tear trough fillers from £400

Choose our tear trough treatment and benefit from:

  • Free consultation
  • Competitive prices
  • Stunning results lasting 12 to 18 months
  • Quick and pain free treatment
  • Friendly and highly experienced facial aesthetics team
  • Proud to be the highest Google rated dentist in Chessington
  • 130+ 5* Google Business patient reviews
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Our highly experienced tear trough fillers doctor

Benefit from the expertise of our practice owner and highly experienced dental surgeon, Dr Patel, who has over 10 years facial aesthetics expertise. He has undergone extensive training in the anatomy of the face and regularly attends courses to stay up to date with the latest aesthetic techniques.

His dermal filler treatments have helped improve the confidence for over 500 patients from near Kingston, Chessington and around Surrey.

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Dr Dipen Patel (GDC No: 103883)
5000+ Botox treatments and 500+ filler treatments

Why choose tear trough fillers?

Dark circles under the eyes are a part of everyday life for most of us and they can have a big impact on a person’s overall appearance and self-confidence.

Patients from across London and Surrey come to us all the time worrying why they seem to look tired, unhealthy, or older than they actually are.

Under eye bags are an extremely common problem and can be caused or made worse by a number of things including:

  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Age
  • Stress
  • Smoking
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Allergies
  • Sun-damaged skin under eyes
  • Dark pigmentation under the eyes
  • Prominence of veins under the skin
  • Lack of fluid retention
  • Genes (as under eye bags can be hereditary)

Are you tired of trying every old trick under the sun for getting rid of your eye bags and still not getting the results you were hoping for?

Holding cucumbers over your eyes, spending out on every new eye cream you can find, and possibly even considering cosmetic surgery to resolve the problem?

If this sounds familiar, professional tear trough filler treatment might be the perfect solution you’ve been looking for. Please bear in mind that the cause of under eye bags is extremely important as not everything can be solved by using a filler for eye bags.

For example, patients who have dark circles under their eyes due to darker pigmentation will still have the pigmentation after the under-eye filler has been used.

Speak to your practitioner at your consultation for further guidance.

Tear trough filler costs

1ml of filler is £400

Results last 12 - 18 months

We ensure we have some of the lowest prices near us in Surrey

Benefit from quick and long lasting results  

The tear trough filler procedure takes just 30 minutes and you’ll be able to carry on with the rest of your day just as normal. You’ll start to see the results immediately after your under eye filler treatment is complete.

These effects will last for up to 12-18 months before requiring a top-up. For 1ml of filler the cost is £400.

To find out more about tear trough filler treatment at our Chessington practice or to book your consultation with the facial aesthetics team, please call us today on 020 8397 3344. You could also pop in to the surgery to make your appointment in person.

Using tear trough fillers we are proud to have helped transform the confidence of patients from all parts of Surrey including:

✔️ Byfleet ✔️ Chessington ✔️ Cobham ✔️ Egham ✔️ Epsom ✔️ Kingston ✔️ Leatherhead ✔️ Sutton ✔️ Tadworth ✔️ Thames Ditton ✔️ Woking ✔️ Weybridge

5* tear trough treatment patient review via Google Business

"I've now had two tear trough filler treatments with Dippen and have loved the results and experience on both occasions. Dippen is very informative about the treatments and talks you through the process throughout the entire appointment.

Further to this, the facility is very clean and all staff are very friendly and helpful.

Can't wait to come back for more treatments :)"

Jaye Evans

Before and after tear trough filler results

Before under eye filler near me

Before tear trough filler

After tear trough filler in Surrey

After tear trough filler

Tear trough filler treatment explained

Tear trough filler is a specially designed filler for eye bags made from a naturally occurring complex sugar called Hyaluronic Acid. This chemical occurs naturally in the body and helps to restore hydration and volume, making it perfect for use as an under eye filler.

These fillers are a very popular and well-established non-surgical treatment method for those suffering with dark circles and deep bags beneath the eyes.

As we get older, we start to lose the layer of fat beneath the surface of our skin, which can make the tear trough (the groove between your nose, eye and cheek) appear hollow.

By applying an under eye filler to this area, we are able to plump out the hollow space under the eye to make it appear smooth; effectively filling out the under eye bags. The hydrating powers of the hyaluronic acid also means the delicate skin beneath the eyes is nourished, making eyes appear brighter and more attractive.

Is under eye filler treatment safe?

It is natural to be wary of a procedure you have not had before but tear trough filler is extremely safe and a very in-demand procedure for the team here at Mount Road Dental in Chessington near Kingston.

Whilst many beauty salons and spas may offer fillers, it is really important you attend a full consultation with a medical professional to ensure that you’re suitable before you embark any kind of filler for eye bags or any other procedures.

Tear trough filler treatment focuses on a very specialised area of the face – that makes having your tear trough filler injections administered by a qualified practitioner even more important than ever.

Our facial aesthetics team are highly skilled and experienced practitioners that are the experts in all kinds of dermal fillers and are fully trained in carrying out tear trough filler treatment.

Before any treatment with us, you will need to attend a full consultation at our practice in Chessington where our doctor can make sure that the treatment is suitable for you.

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